September 2016

New 360 Tours at D A Whiteley Autos Ltd in Camberley and The Staines Centre of Dental Excellence. Discover them on the Gallery page.

whiteley-autos   staines-centre-of-dental-excellence

November 2015

360 Tour at Tante Marie Restaurant, based in Woking. Find it on the Gallery page.
Tante Marie







September 2015

The long awaited rebranding of the Google Maps Streetview is launched.

A summary of the changes include the following:

  • Google Views, the platform for hosting photos and Panorama images, is merged into Google Maps
  • Google Business View to be rebranded as Google Street View|Trusted
  • Only certified Street View |Trusted photographers will be able to upload linked photosphere tours of business’ with the ‘See Inside’ thumbnail shown on the knowledge card.
  • Individual photospheres can be taken and uploaded via the Maps App in conjunction with a compatible camera. Currently the only one to do this is the soon to be released Iris 360.
  • Individual photospheres taken with a DSLR camera and stitched can still be uploaded.

August 2015

iris360 camera

Google announces the new NCTech iris360 automatic camera to image inside millions of businesses for new updated Street View.

The development of iris360 enables panoramic images to be published on to Street View, quicker and easier, at the tap of an icon.

iris360 is the first camera in the world to support the Open Spherical Camera interface which allows users to control the camera from a mobile device running the latest apps including the new Street View app

June 2015

Google announce changes to the Google Business View program which will be rebranded as Google Street View|Trusted